The Importance of Telehealth Options

mental health mental help mental support telehealth Jun 30, 2021

We’re living in unusual, uncertain times – especially with the ongoing complications due to COVID-19. Employees are working remotely; businesses are running on abbreviated hours or closed entirely – and that includes medical facilities.

Fortunately, we live in an era in which technology is everywhere. This gives us the flexibility to provide services whenever and wherever it is needed. While COVID-19 may impact our daily lives, the telehealth services at The Chronic Hope Institutecan help you get through this stressful time of uncertainty.

Why consider telehealth options?


Your health and well-being is the most important factor to us and any medical provider. And in our evolving world with stresses and pressures at every corner, you need the resources and therapy to coach you through this time. Our team of therapists are available through video conferencing and phone options, helping you continue your mental health journey.


The best therapy experiences start with having a relationship with the right therapist. You’ve taken the time to get to know us and we want to continue getting to know you and providing you with the care you need. That’s why telehealth options are great resources for continuing your relationship with us (and us with you!)


From addiction therapy to family therapy, The Chronic Hope Institutehas a team of experts that will provide the care you need (virtually), regardless your need.

Telehealth options may have us interacting with patients behind a computer screen, but a virtual option is better than no option. We’re in this time of uncertainty together. And while there are many unknowns about COVID-19, we do know that our telehealth services will help us continue to provide the care you need.

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