Originally from Marietta, Georgia, Blair received her Bachelor’s degree in both Psychology and Spanish from the University of Colorado Boulder and her Master’s degree in Counseling with an emphasis in couple and family therapy from the University of Colorado Denver. Blair took a short hiatus between programs and moved to Granada, Spain for a year and a half to teach English and assist with a bilingual initiative at an elementary school before returning to the states for graduate school. She completed her Master’s level internship at Animal Assisted Therapy Programs of Colorado doing experiential work with kids, adolescents, couples, and families. During this time she also volunteered with the Betty Ford Children’s Center and gained experience working with children living in addicted homes. To support her interest in working with couples, Blair went on to complete an intensive externship training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples.

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Individual therapy: $150

Couples/family therapy: $175

Family addiction coaching: $200

6-session family addiction coaching: $1,000

More about Blair

Blair’s background and expertise is in working with family members who have a loved one struggling with an addiction. She has worked as a group facilitator, a family educator, a program coordinator, and a couple/family/individual therapist who is passionate about treating addiction systemically by examining the roles, participation, and dynamics of the entire family system. She believes that health in one individual has a positive ripple effect on the entire system and teaches family members how to break codependent patterns in order to develop healthy, satisfying, balanced, and emotionally connected relationships. Blair is especially effective in working with individuals who struggle with feelings of resentment, guilt, and fear in their relationships and seek freedom from the emotional roller coaster of their lives. She specializes in compassionate boundary setting, healing codependency, and empowering individuals to step into and reclaim their sense of self-worth. Blair believes that, regardless of the circumstances of our lives, is our responsibility to heal ourselves so that we break the cycle of intergenerational trauma within our families, our communities, and our world.

Blair infuses her work with a sense of lightness, curiosity, hope, and possibility in the face of feelings of despair, powerlessness, and hopelessness that so often accompany families impacted by addiction. She has the ability to “zoom out” and contextualize acute distress within the larger picture of one’s life, exploring themes of purpose and meaning with her clients. Blair’s greatest passion is self-study and assisting others on the journey within; the journey to know themselves deeply and intimately. She is especially interested in shadow work and helping people reclaim the parts of themselves that have previously been rejected; the parts of themselves that have been locked away behind closed doors. She offers a safe container for people to both examine the dark and celebrate the light, as one cannot exist without the other. Blair has found the Enneageam to be a particularly powerful tool for self-discovery and she loves incorporating it into her client sessions. Some of Blair’s personal interests include studying the Human Design system, astrology, physical fitness (running/cycling/HIIT training/yoga), consciousness, energy work, the Spanish language, breathwork, Latin dancing, travel, and holistic wellness.